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Sites4bikes is a site for motorbike riders to find all things that they may need from learning to ride, to buying a motorcycle to going on holiday on your bike.

Among other things we have some top 10 tips on getting the best motorbike insurance for you. Here are some other areas within our site.

Sites4bikes is a specialised site for people to search for these items using numerous search criteria i.e. region, town, motorbike type, holiday destination etc.

Sites4bikes also has additional sections that allow you to search for campsites and Bed and Breakfasts in the UK, find Motorbike insurance and Travel insurance companies in the UK and hints and tips on motorbike maintenance . If you are a custom motorbike enthusiast then we have a page for chopper enthusiasts.

An interesting quote from an article on Motorbike insurance claims from an insurance companies perspecitve:

"Bike manufacturers have not been as keen to agree price discounts with insurers and motorcycle parts are notoriously expensive. A bike that retails for less than £8,000 new can easily cost more than £40,000 to build if each part is ordered separately."

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Breakdown cover for your motorbike

Have you ever wondered how you'd cope if you broke down whilst out riding your motorbike? Breakdown insurance is something that is very much associated with cars however it applies equally to motorbikes but there are less providers who are able to cope with motorbikes than for cars. Greenflag offer specialist motorbike breakdown cover for motorbikes and cover starts from as little as £25 so what have you got to lose - other than a long push to get your motorbike to the nearest garage?

Click here to find out more about motorbike breakdown cover

Van Insurance

If you go on track days or just own more than one motorbike and travel around with them to shows then you may well have your own Van to carry them around in. For cheap van insurance its worth checking out Direct Line who are doing a special the equivalent of 52 days free insurance per year. Information on how to safely transport a motorbike in a Van



Alternatively for van insurance companies and the choice of 175 000 tools on sale for tradesmen try

Useful motorbike information:

Sites4bikes has put together some pages that may be of use when buying a new or used motorbike.

Buying a used motorbike

"Decide how long you want to keep the bike for, and what you want to use it for. Is it going to be used daily for work or is it going to be a summer plaything, which only comes out on dry days. Also are you the only person to be riding on the bike or are you going to be carrying passengers.

Once you know what you are going to use your bike for decide what sort of bike will fit your needs, whether it be a Sports bike, Touring bike, Trials bike, Commuter, Cruiser, Scooter or Learner legal"

Buying a second hand motorbike - hints and tips
Selling your motorbike - hints and tips
How to transport a motorbike in a van
Motorbike manufacturer site links
Motorbike insurance for disabled riders

Best motorbikes for women
Travel insurance website reviews
Fitting heated motorbike grips

Thinking about doing the CBT?

"When doing a CBT you can do it on a geared or automatic bike (commonly known as a scooter or 'twistie') - which is better?"

Which type of bike you choose to do it on is dependant on why you are learning to ride.

If you are learning to ride just to be able to ride a scooter and you have no intention of progressing to obtain your full motorbike licence then a scooter is probably sufficient and is easier to ride, since there are less controls. A scooter is far more nimble than a motorbike in traffic and around towns. They are cheaper to buy and run and ideal for shorter distance commuting as they generally offer more protection from the elements than a standard unfaired motorbike. However you cannot ride a geared motorbike if you take your CBT on an automatic as your license will be restricted.

CBT - what bike should I do it on? Read full article
Direct Access age laws to change - Read full article


Trials bike school

If you have ever wanted to learn to ride a motorbike off road, you can do a enduro day on normal off-road motorbikes, but if you really want to learn to control a motorbike off road then you should have a go at trials bike riding. It really teaches you to control a motorbike and you learn great bike control. There is only one trials bike school in the country that uses 270cc BETA REV 3 trials bikes (the most powerful you can get). Tricks in the sticks trails bike school provide a great day out and cater for all levels. Read about our day with TricksintheSticks



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